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If you are looking for unique and personal gift ideas for family and friends this Christmas you are bound to find something at the Gallery Shop’s spectacular dedication to Peggy Guggenheim.

Shop manager Maria Gabriel has sourced hundreds of authentic and exquisite items from Italy, and in particular Venice, in tribute to Peggy Guggenheim: A Collection in Venice.

The shop’s range of Peggy-inspired gifts include;

• Beautiful silk scarves and ties
• Slippers in a design based on works by abstract artist Jackson Pollock
• Coffee table books and DVDs on the flamboyant art collector and many of the artists whose work is on display
• Rubber digital watches in Peggy’s favourite colour – turquoise.
• Italian body products

• Peggy T-shirts, as worn by Gallery staff

Also available are imported authentic jewellery, vases and beads made from the unique Venetian Murano glass.  Bracelets, rings, baubles and necklaces have also been sourced directly from Venice.

There are also Guggenheim-inspired products for children including quirky cubist looking glasses; colouring pencils; pencil sharpeners and rubbers.  And for the bigger children there is limited edition architectural Lego including one of the Guggenheim New York gallery.

Lovers of modern art and furniture design will be captivated by one of the most famous items connected with flamboyant art collector Peggy Guggenheim’s collection of works of the 20th Century.  This is the multi-use chair, originally designed by architect and stage designer Frederick Kiesler to fill unconventional spaces in Peggy’s New York gallery in 1942.  The chairs are available in the exhibition space for people to sit on as they contemplate the works, and are also for sale in the Gallery Shop.

"The seats were a kind of wave which curved down, surged up, and fell once more, thus forming an object without beginning or end," said Kiesler of his multi-use chairs, "and in its convex curves the body could take ease." (1)

The chairs have up to 18 different functions, including being used as seating, coffee tables, trestles, arm rests and display platforms for items, such as sculptures, that Peggy exhibited.








An informative and lavishly illustrated exhibition catalogue accompanies the exhibition – a great collector’s item for the art lover, and a wonderful gift idea; couple it with a ticket to the exhibition and you have the perfect gift for that person "who has everything".



The Guggenheim shop is located at the exhibition exit.

Phone: (08) 9492 6766 or (08) 9492 6712






Last updated: 4 November 2010